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A booklet with all abstracts can be found on the Conference Booklet page.

Last update: 2016/08/15

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
09:00 Registration & Welcome
10:00 Opening
Session: Overview and Gaia Perspectives
10:15 Brown Overview of High-velocity Stars (R)
11:00 Jordan High-velocity stars - The Gaia perspective (R)
11:30 Marchetti Hyper-velocity Stars in the GAIA Catalogue (R)
12:00 Lunch / Topical Discussions
Session: Binary Supernova Ejection: Models
14:00 Podsiadlowski Supernova ejection mechanisms (R)
14:30 de Mink Binary stellar evolution models for run-away stars (R)
15:00 Justham Binary population synthesis and high-velocity run-aways (R)
15:30 Irrgang Origin of massive run-away stars
15:50 Coffee / Posters
Session: Binary Supernova Ejection: Candidates
16:20 Schaffenroth HD 271791: Nucleosynthesis in a core collapse supernova
16:40 Renzo Massive run-away stars and their constraints on binary interaction and explosion physics
17:00 Yushchenko HIP 13962 - The possible former member of binary system with supernova
17:20 Dincel OB run-away stars inside SNRs S147 and IC443
17:40 Paunzen Tracing run-away stars with the narrow-band Delta a photometric system
18:15 Guided Tour of the city of Bamberg
Wednesday, August 17
09:00 Kerzendorf Surviving companions of type Ia supernovae (R)
09:30 Pannicke The search for binary companions of SN progenitors in SNRs (poster)
09:35 Lux The movement of pulsars in the Galaxy and determination of their kinematic ages
09:55 Neuhaeuser Kinematic age of neutron stars from run-away stars from binary SNe
10:15 Bray Is the link between the observed velocities of neutron stars and their progenitors a simple mass relationship?
10:35 Coffee / Posters
Session: Dynamical Ejection from Star Clusters
10:55 Portegies-Zwart Run-away stars by dynamical ejection (R)
11:25 Oh The dynamical ejections of massive stars from young star clusters
11:55 Sana 30 Doradus: A run-away factory caught in the act (R)
12:25 North The OB run-aways of R136 - A dynamical fingerprint of massive star formation?
12:45 Lunch / Topical Discussions
14:45 Lennon Searching for the birthplaces of very massive run-away stars with Hubble
Session: Bow shocks from Run-away Stars
15:05 Mohamed Bow shocks from run-away stars (R)
15:35 Bomans Bow shocks of run-away OB Stars
15:55 Meyer Bow shocks from Galactic run-away massive stars
16:15 Coffee / Posters
16:45 Bomans Emission-line bow shock structures of hot run-away stars (poster)
16:50 Peri Multi-wavelength stellar bow shocks: From the infrared E-BOSS catalogue and radio observations to potential gamma-ray emitters
17:10 Weis Leaving the bonds of home - The LBV S119
17:30 Pardi The impact of massive run-away stars on the shaping of the ISM
17:50 Peri Finding stellar bow shocks by means of citizen science (poster)
19:30 Reception at Spezialkeller and Tour of the Observatory
Thursday, August 18
Session: Hyper-velocity Stars: Ejection Models
09:00 Kobayashi Hyper-velocity stars and compact binaries (R)
09:30 Gualandris Ejection of hyper-velocity stars from the Galactic Center (R)
10:00 Haas Hyper-velocity stars from an eccentric stellar disc in the Galactic Center
10:25 Coffee / Posters
Session: Hyper-velocity Stars: Candidates
10:55 Antonini Secular evolution of binaries at the Galactic Center
11:15 Hawkins High-velocity stars from the RAVE project
11:35 Zhong The nearest high-velocity stars revealed by LAMOST
12:00 Y. Li The method of searching F/G/K type hyper-velocity star candidates from data release one of LAMOST survey (poster)
12:05 Geier Searching for hot subdwarfs at high velocity
12:25 Lunch / Topical Discussions
14:25 Ziegerer Hot subdwarfs at high velocity
14:45 Kawka Extreme kinematics in the hot subdwarf population
15:05 Németh The extremely fast halo hot subdwarf binary PB 3877
15:25 Sippel A dynamical gravitational wave source in a globular cluster
15:45 Coffee / Posters
16:15 Margon Run-away dwarf carbon stars as supernova ejecta
16:35 Vennes Extreme kinematics in the white dwarf population
16:55 Heber What may go wrong in stellar kinematics: Candidate hyper-velocity stars of spectral type G and K revisited
19:00 Conference Dinner
Friday, August 19
Session: Hyper-velocity Stars and the Galactic Center
09:30 Perets The properties of HVSs in light of their ejection mechanism: Rates, velocities, history, mass function and binarity (R)
10:00 Lu The dynamical origin of hyper-velocity stars and GC S-stars, GC pulsars and hyper-fast pulsars (R)
10:30 Boubert A dipole on the sky : Predictions for hyper-velocity stars from the Large Magellanic Cloud
10:50 Coffee / Posters
Session: Hyper-velocity Stars and the Galactic Potential
11:20 Gnedin Constraints on the Galactic potential from hyper-velocity stars (R)
11:50 Zhang Cool run-aways - Nearby Hills ejecta as a probe of the gravitational potential of the Milky Way
12:10 Rossi Joint constraints on the Galaxy dark matter halo and Galactic center from hyper-velocity stars
12:30 Farewell