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Stars on the run - A meeting on run-afway and hyper-velocity stars

A meeting on run-away and hyper-velocity stars
2016, August 16-19

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Run-away stars are produced by dynamical interaction in various environments. Several processes have been suggested for their origin, which include ejection from star clusters and the Galactic Centre, in binary supernova explosions, and from satellite galaxies. The fastest run-away stars known, the hyper-velocity stars, travel so fast that they are unbound from the Galaxy. The list of known run-aways includes early type main sequence stars in the Galactic halo as well as neutron stars.

High-precision astrometry is a prerequisite for tracing their place of origin, whether that is a particular cluster, the centre of the Galaxy, or elsewhere. Previous attempts have met with little success. The Gaia mission will soon remedy the situation by providing astrometry of unprecedented accuracy.

The time appears ripe to bring together observers and theoreticians working on the diverse fields relevant to understand run-away and hyper-velocity stars. This workshop attempts to cover the following topics:

  • Surveys for run-away and hypervelocity stars
  • Dynamics of stellar clusters
  • Dynamics of the Galactic centre
  • Chemical composition of run-away and hypervelocity stars
  • Extragalactic run-away stars
  • High velocity neutron stars
  • Bow shocks
  • Binary stellar evolution models
  • Population synthesis
  • Supernova ejection
  • SN Ia remnants
  • Satellite Galaxy origin
  • Blue straggler stars

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