01 | 06 | 2020
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Monday, March 26, 2018
09:00 Registration opens
10:00 Welcome
Session 1: Cold Interstellar Medium
Chair: P. Kavanagh
10:10 Brinks The Neutral Atomic Interstellar Medium in the Nearby Universe (I)
10:45 Maxted The Mopra Galactic Plane CO Survey
11:05 Kerp Galactic fountains persistently fuel the Milky Way galaxy star formation
11:25 Salak Molecular gas outflow in the starburst galaxy NGC 1808 imaged by ALMA
11:45 Gatuzz X-raying the local ISM
12:05 Lunch
Session 2: Hot Interstellar Medium and Supernova Remnants
Chair: F. Haberl
14:00 de Avillez Dynamical evolution and non-equilibrium ionisation of the interstellar plasma (I)
14:35 Maggi X-raying the Large Magellanic Cloud ISM
14:55 Plucinsky The Expansion of the Forward Shock of 1E 0102.2-7219 in X-rays
15:15 Poster Flash
Ceponis New Method to Derive Star Formation Histories in Dwarf Galaxies
de Avillez CPIPES - A collisional + photoionization plasma emission software for interstellar medium simulations
Greif Temperature-dependent laboratory measurements of the far-infrared to millimeter opacity of carbonaceous dust-analogues
Kosmaczewski Infrared diagnostics of the ISM: from dark globule in our Galaxy to the circumnuclear environment of young radio sources
Lescinskaite Bright-Red Star Populations in the Leo A Galaxy
Piecka Maps of diffuse interstellar bands
Prisegen Paucity of bow shocks around High-mass X-ray binaries
Vyas Fueling the Milky Way Star Formation: On the formation of high altitude molecular gas
15:45 Coffee / Posters
16:20 Ou X-ray Luminosity and Size Relationship of Supernova Remnants
16:40 Arias Supernova Remnants with the LOw Frequency ARay (LOFAR)
17:00 Domček G53.41+0.03 - a newly discovered Galactic supernova remnant
17:20 Mäkelä CTB 109: a supernova remnant interacting with a molecular cloud
17:40 Lux H-alpha observations of supernova remnants
Tuesday, March 27
Session 3: Star Formation and Feedback
Chair: P. Maggi
09:00 Walch Molecular cloud formation and dispersal by stellar feedback (I)
09:35 Gao The far-infrared and HCN correlations from molecular cloud cores to global galaxies
09:55 Kapala [CII] as a SFR tracer in M31 and M51: A constant photoelectric heating efficiency links [CII] 158 um with young stars
10:15 Smirnova-Pinchukova Identifying the AGN contribution to [CII] ionization in luminous local AGN
10:35 Coffee/Posters
11:10 Banerjee The Dynamics of the Magnetised ISM
11:30 Fukui Massive cluster/O star formation triggered by cloud-cloud collision in the Milky Way
11:50 Lunch
Chair: M. Filipović
14:00 Nishimura Cloud collision triggered high-mass star formation in the Sagittarius Arm
14:20 Tsuge Massive star formation triggered by galactic tidal interaction in the LMC
14:40 Dinçel The Young Stellar Objects Inside SNR CTB109
15:00 Coffee / Posters
15:30 Sun Stellar Feedback in Giant H II Regions: a Case Study of M101
15:50 Pleintinger Feedback of Massive-Star Groups on the Surrounding ISM
16:10 Beuchert First self-consistent study of feedback from Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
19:00 Dinner
Wednesday, March 28
Session 4: Magnetic Fields and Cosmic Rays
Chair: P. Plucinsky
09:00 Kothes Interstellar Magnetic Fields (I)
09:35 Dettmar A fresh look on cosmic rays and magnetic fields in halos of disc galaxies
09:55 Kavanagh Magnetic field estimates in the 30 Dor C superbubble with Chandra
10:15 Coffee/Posters
10:45 Urošević Evolution of supernova remnants and particle acceleration (I)
11:20 Pühlhofer News on TeV supernova remnant shells
11:40 Pavlović Radio Evolution of Supernova Remnants Including Cosmic Ray Acceleration
12:00 Maxted Searching for molecular gas bombarded by cosmic rays near supernova remnants
12:20 Lunch
14:20 Sano Shock-cloud interaction in the Galactic/Magellanic supernova remnants: Evidence for cosmic-ray acceleration
14:40 Onić On the energy density ratio between protons and electrons in supernova remnants
15:00 Siegert Positrons in the Interstellar Medium
15:20 Coffee / Posters
Session 5: Outlook and Summary
15:40 Filipović Future Observatories
16:00 Sasaki Summary and Discussion
16:30 Farewell