01 | 06 | 2020
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ContributorsK. Blundell, M. Kadler, E. Koerding, C. Lang (chair), J. Miller-Jones, A. Richards, E. Ros 

Monday and Tuesday's hands-on sessions will be focused on full calibration of an archival VLA data set of the head-tail radio galaxy known as 3c129. We will be using the NRAOpackage AIPS.

- AIPS can be installed on laptops easily: for more information see: http://www.aips.nrao.edu/#CURRENT_RELEASE

- Students should install the 31DEC09 release as it has the most up to date patches/fixes and we would recommend that the students install AIPS via the binary file, to avoid problems with invalid C compilers.

- The data can also be downloaded and should be put in the aips "FITS" area - the folder in your AIPS directory named "FITS". Data can be found at: http://casa.nrao.edu/Data/VLA/3C129/

In this tutorial, we plan to cover the data calibration. For this students will want to use the online calibration
manual. See:


-  data editing
 - data inspection and plotting
 - imaging and deconvolution

**update** E. Ros's and M. Kadler's recipe for calibrating a VLBA dataset: ros_aips_commands_20090702.pdf

The AIPS cookbook is particularly helpful for these topics. The entire cookbook can be found here:


There are links to the html and pdf version as well as the entire cookbook. Good chapters to print out
and bring include (1) Chapter 4 on calibration and (2) Appendix A: Easy Continuum uv-data Calibration
and Editing.

If there is time or for more advanced students, we may cover the following additional topics:

- self-calibration
- polarization calibration
- imaging of polarized intensity
- image analysis
- spectral line data calibration