01 | 06 | 2020
X-ray hands-on sessions PDF Print E-mail

**Please look out for changes on this page, since more details and instructions will become available soon**

1. simple PL fits to RXTE PCA observations of Cyg X-1
(aim: learn how to setup a model, how to do a simple fit, rebinning, ignoring channels, plotting in isis).

You can download the data here:


The download includes a hard and a soft spectrum of Cyg X-1 as well as some s-lang load scripts.

2. bknpower fit to RXTE PCA and HEXTE observations of a black hole
(aim: more complex models, flux constants, coupling/decoupling parameters)

Data to be used: same as above.

3. fit to gratings spectrum (GRS 1915 with Chandra)
(aim: apply above results to a more complicated example, add in how to deal with line series and the like)

You can download the data here:


4. broad band fits (simultaneous radio, infrared and X-ray data) (GX 339-4)
(aim: multi-wavelength fits, even more complicated models, "dummyresponses").

You can download the data and the jet-models here:

SED.tar.gz **updated - if you got the old data, please replace them with this file**