18 | 09 | 2019
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The abstract booklet can be found here.

10:00 Joern Wilms Welcome
10:20 Chris Fryer Supernovae, GRBs and the formation of Black Holes
11:00 Michela Mapelli
(presenter: E. Ripamonti)
Massive stellar black holes from stellar evolution and dynamics
11:20 Coffee
11:40 Jonathan McKinney Simulating Extreme Black Hole Engines
12:20 Renaud Belmont Stochastic acceleration in accreting black holes
12:40 Christiaan Brinkerink Jet launching at small radii: results from 2d axisymmetric simulation
13:00 Lunch
14:35 Himadri Ghosh Numerical Studies of the Hydrodynamic, Spectral and Timing Properties of a Two-Component Accretion Flow around a Black Hole
14:55 Viacheslav Zhuravlev Relativistic twisted accretion disc around a Kerr black hole
15:15 Stephane Corbel On the formation and destruction of self-absorbed compact jets in accreting binary black holes
15:35 Arman Tursunov Acceleration of particles by black hole with gravitomagnetic charge immersed in magnetic field
15:55 Coffee
16:25 Michael Nowak Spins and Winds: A Modern (and not so Modern) History of Black Hole X-ray Binaries
17:05 Victoria Grinberg Every second week for fourteen years: RXTE observations of Cyg X-1
17:25 Elise Egron Self-consistent study of the reflection component in 4U 1705-44 with XMM-Newton, BeppoSAX and RXTE in the hard and soft state
17:45 End
9:40 Joey Neilsen New Results on Massive Winds in Black Hole X-ray Binaries
10:20 Ivica Miskovicova Feeding the monster: Wind accretion in Cygnus X-1
10:40 Diego Altamirano IGR J17091-3624: learning from the little sister of GRS 1915+105
11:00 Coffee
11:40 Tolga Dincer X-ray, optical and infrared observations of GX 339-4 in 2011 decay
12:00 Pierre Olivier Petrucci Disc apparent recession and jet reappearance: the turning back of GX 339-4 in the hard state at the end of its 2010-2011 outburst
12:20 Arash Bodaghee Fermi-LAT observations of microquasars
12:40 Henric Krawczynski The X-ray Polarimetry Mission GEMS and Tests of Accretion Disk Models and Strong Gravity General Relativity
13:00 Lunch
14:35 Sebastian Heinz Inflow, outflow, all about flow
14:55 Tomaso Belloni High-frequency Quasi-Periodic Oscillations from Black Hole Binaries: the RossiXTE Legacy
15:15 Teo Muñoz-Darias A new look at the outburst evolution of black hole X-ray binaries
15:35 Adam Ingram A unique test for a relativistic precession origin of the low frequency QPO in X-ray binaries
15:55 Coffee
16:25 Maithili Kalamkar X-ray variability studies of the black hole binary SWIFT J1753.5-012 in soft band: Is there contribution from the disk?
16:45 Holger Stiele Correlations between timing features and spectral parameters during rise and decay in black hole X-ray binary outbursts
17:05 Alexandra Veledina Non-thermal particles in hot accretion flow: unification of spectral and timing properties
17:25 David Meier Super-Eddington Accreting Black Hole Systems
17:45 End
9:40 David Cseh Jet ejection events of the intermediate mass black hole HLX-1
10:00 Manfred W. Pakull Photon luminosity and mechanical power of accreting black holes
10:20 Fabio Pintore X-ray spectral states and temporal properties of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
10:40 Emanuele Ripamonti Investigating the relation between ULXs and metallicity
11:00 Coffee
11:40 Jason Dexter Extremely Faint and Incredibly Close: the Physics of Accretion onto Sagittarius A*
12:20 Alexander Zakharov Black hole at the Galactic Center
12:40 Samia Drappeau Importance of radiative cooling and the resulting self-consistent spectra from GRMHD simulations of accretion onto Sgr A*
13:00 Farruh Atamurotov The shadow of black hole in Kerr-Taub-NUT spacetime
13:20 Free Afternoon
9:40 Ryan Hickox AGN evolution and the growth of supermassive black holes
10:20 Andrea Merloni AGN feedback in clusters of galaxies: M87 under the LOFAR microscope
10:40 Tamara Bogdanovic Gravitational and electromagnetic signatures from merging black holes
11:20 Coffee
11:40 Viktoriya Giryanskaya Mass formula for the remnant of black hole binary merger
12:00 Francesca Panessa AGN from low to high accretion rates
13:00 Lunch
14:35 Nick Tacik Parameter Space Dependence of Junk Radiation in Binary Black Hole Simulations
14:55 Richard Plotkin Weakly Accreting AGN and their Receding Tori: an Infrared View of Unification
15:15 Sibasish Laha The Warm absorbers and the Soft-excess continuum in Seyfert1 galaxies
15:35 Jacobo Ebrero The X-ray/UV absorber in NGC 4593
15:55 Coffee
16:25 Minfeng Gu The optical variability of radio-loud quasars
16:45 Alex Markowitz Multi-Time Scale X-ray Spectral Variability in Seyferts
17:05 Sunil Chandra Multi-wavelength Variability in Blazars
17:45 Shuang-Liang Li Constraints on jet formation mechanisms with the most energetic giant outbursts in MS 0735+7421
  Beatriz Mingo (CANCELED) An X-ray survey of the 2Jy sample: implications for identification and accretion in LERGs
17:45 End
9:40 Pieter van Oers Median stacking of serendipitous radio observations of Sloan Digital Sky Survey active galactic nuclei
10:00 Laura Brenneman Probing the Inner Accretion Disk in AGN Using X-ray Spectra
10:40 Refiz Duro Broad Iron Kalpha line in Cygnus X-1 with XMM-Newton
11:00 Coffee
11:20 Jiri Svoboda Modelling the steep radial emissivity in relativistic iron lines
11:40 Alessandra De Rosa Measuring strong gravity effects in AGN observed with LOFT
12:00 Anna Chashkina Black hole spin-up by magnetized disk accretion
12:20 Pavel Abolmasov Resolving the Structure of QSO Disks by Microlensing Effects
12:40 Good Bye
13:00 End of conference

Poster Presentations (Throughout the Week)

Note: a poster will be around the standard A0 size

Laura Di Gesu X-ray/UV observation of the Seyfert-1 galaxy 1H0419-577
Yi Liu Multi-frequency VLBA Polarimetry of GPS Quasar OQ172
Semyeong Oh Spatially-resolved narrow-line region of two type-I QSOs
Serena Repetto Stellar-mass black hole kicks
Lin Chun-Cheng The emission state of ULXs in different type of galaxies
Zhaoyu Zuo Simulating the X-ray evolution of late-type galaxies with evolutionary population synthesis
Montserrat Armas Padilla The very faint X-ray binary black hole candidate Swift J1357.2-0933: Swift/XRT and UVOT analysis of its 2011 outburs
Jerome Rodriguez IGR J17091-3624: the farthest Galactic black hole binary?
Satyavarapu Naga Parameswara Gupta Blue shifted Galaxies, Dark matter and Black holes in Dynamic Universe Model
Satya Seshavatharam U.V. The Primordial Cosmic Black Hole and the Cosmic Axis of Evil
Abdullo Hakimov Particle Motion Around Black Hole in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity
Serguei Ossokine Rotationally invariant approach to simulation of precessing binary black holes
Yoon Young Chun Jet signature and contribution in XTE J1752-223 via Multiwavelength Observations